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I agree with this.


When I read it on paper and looked at it, I thought it was likely, but when I think about it while listening to this thunderstorm at the bottom of the floor, such a cave is so stupid.


A man from Ren said.


"This is a good look at the real conditions of the swirl.


Please come along with this rock.


There is a little windy place.


In that case, I can hear the sound of water too weak.


So I would like to hear about your personal background.


If you listen to it, you will understand that this Mosco Estroem is something that I know a little and know. "


I went to the place to take the guy and I was jealous.


The man spoke like this.


"With me and my two brothers and sisters, I have a boat with about seventy ships ahead.


On board the boat, I and I went over Moskoe and went fishing between the nearby islands of Urugu and the island.


Where there is a lot of fishing in places that hit the rock in a wave of waves, if you dare to go to places like that, you will be able to capture the benefits that people can not store.


There are many fishermen on the coast of Kuro lov Otden on the shore, but among the islands I have just called, there are no other fishermen out there except Ikushi and three others.


Ordinary fishing grounds are offshore, which approached south from where I and Tsukushi go.


If you go there, you can always go fishing without risking, so everyone will go out first.


There are many more types of fish that can be taken between the rocks that go with each other, so the number of fish is also large.


I was lucky, and the cowardly man going to the sea took only a week to take the fish, and I and I both returned in a day.


In other words, both of us have done something worthwhile.


It is said that you have bail power as capital, bet sex and you are jealous. "


"Mostly, I would like to keep the ship in the same place on the boarding waters five meters above sea level, and when the weather is good, take fifteen minutes of calming the tides to make the mosco estroom As I passed through the strait, I went to a place in the vicinity of Otterholm or Sandfresen, where the waves were not bad, and I was going to wholesale the fort.


So I waited for the sea to calm down and immediately raised my kite and came back here. "


"In order to do this reciprocation, I expected that the wind would be good, when I go and when I go back.


The prospects of both parties have usually been missed.


I went fishing only once in about six years, and I went down with a kite to light up the night and to fish.


That's because I encountered a rare rowing around here.


I think that, once for about a week, I have had to stay for a long time in the evening.


At that time, it was also a place of starvation at a little bit.


It was a storm as soon as it arrived, and I thought I could not cross the strait and come back here.


Even when I came back, it was very dangerous.


The influence of the swirl is so bad that I can't go to the point of putting the kite out of the way, and I will be swept away towards the sea no matter how hard it breaks.


In order to make things fit, I entered the tide that was just opposite to the tide of Mosko Esturom.


It can be done in some places when there is a storm, but if you think that it is today, it will not be tomorrow, it is an uncontrollable tide.


On it, I was able to send the boat to the wind-free coast of Flemen well. "


"Even if I say something like this, I can not say that I will talk about the twenty minutes of the difficulties I have encountered.


Between the islands of the fishing grounds of me and I, even when the weather is good, I was relieved and relieved.