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うづしほ:ポー エドガー・アラン:森 林太郎(293-332)/496


"I thought it was the first days of the storm that had made a bit of it.


Or maybe the ship is swept straight ahead, so it's probably not as good as before.


The sea that was bubbling and pressed flatly in the wind until now, came to puff high in the mountains.


The niece of the sky also came in a strange way.


The area around the sky that can be seen and turned is completely blackened in all directions in all directions in black, and a hole is created in the center of the head just in front of you.


The location of the hole is bright, shiny and scarlet, never seen before, and the full moon shines brightly in the middle of it.


In the light of the moon, everything around me and I can be seen with a good eye.


However, I think that the sight that the moon shows is what kind of thing. "


"I knew that I would request something to my brother once and twice.


However, no matter how hard the noise comes from, I can not hear a word even if I try to listen to my brother's ear for a while.


The stunned brother turned his head and became the death face.


And I look at the finger of my right hand and show it to me.


That's why I thought about "Be careful" and "I'm sorry." "


"I did not know how I thought my brother was at the beginning.


Awful thoughts came up that I could not say at all.


I watched the clock out of the cover.


I will stop you.


Seeing the end of the needle in the moonlight, I saw tears in the sky and threw the watch into the sea.


The clock stopped at seven o'clock.


Both of us spend the quiet time of the sea in vain, and the swirl is now the time to come to full bloom. "


"When one ship and one are good craftsmen, they are well-equipped, their tools are ready, and the load is heavy and there is no such thing that they can run in a normal wind, they will ride and waves will fall behind the ship. It is something that you think to go through to the bottom.


People who are not familiar with the sea often wonder when it sees it.


When the ship goes down in a ship-like manner, the boatman says "ride" on the waves.


So far, I have been riding that wave.


There was a horrible big wave from behind.


I lifted the ship.


Gradually raised / \, I was wondering if the heavens would be carried.


The fact that waves and futons can stand so high is something I and I have known until then.


Well, I thought that I was going to climb up and started to do a movement to go down and sink the boat suddenly.


Just as it was a dream and falling from a high mountain, I was dizzy and my heart was getting worse.


At the same time, when I went down from the peak of the wave, I was able to overlook the state of the area at a glance.


I just saw at first glance, but I saw enough to see.


For one second, I saw and managed to see how I was at their own time.


The swirls of Mosco Estroem looked about a quarter ago and came out.


The swirl is different from the one we always see, and in other words, the proportion of the swirl and the swirl of today is the sump that we dug in order to draw water on today's swirl and the wheel ring. It is a proportional thing of.


If you look at it without knowing the whereabouts of the ship and what is going to happen, you may not know what it is that you can see and see.


Because it was something that happened once in a while, I closed my eyes for the weirdness.


It is better for you to have a convulsive ※ and closed alone than you have eyes closed. "


"I thought that I would stand for two minutes, and the waves were so light that the ship was surrounded by splashes.


At that time, the ship suddenly rushed to the ship for about half, and was quick to drive the train, and started running in the direction that had changed so far.