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芥川竜之介論:芸術家としての彼を論ず:堀 辰雄(142-178)/915


Even if I didn't like it, I had to abandon God.


By the way, even if I didn't like it, I had to throw away my love.


… The reason why we are so exaggerated from their aestheticism is that they show us the pain and pain of this "Don Jiyuan of Hell".


However, Mr. Tanizaki's aestheticism had too much euphoria for the sun, instead of this stifling suffocation.


...... That's the reason why he makes us feel like Gootei, who he despises.


Gooteyer's morbidity was similar to that of Vaudreel, and although the colors at the end of the century were widespread, it was a vigorous morbidity.


In a more fashionable way, it was the pathological tendency of fattened sultan, which suffers from the weight of alluvial stones.


Therefore, with Tanizaki, he felt the urgency common to Poo and Vaudreel. "


What he saw at the bottom of the souls of Poo and Vaudreel is this terrifying ruthless heart.


It was his tragedy that felt deeply sympathetic to their horrifying ruthless hearts, and eagerly wanted to have it in themselves.


In other words, "I was possessed by the evil spirits at the end of the century."


But if he had never been possessed by this "end of century evil spirit," his life would be completely different from the terrible life he had completed, and that of a polite scholarly poet. I don't know.


What turned him from a scholarly tendency, dragged him into the "dark charm of death" and occupied his poetic talent with the most important position among many of his other talents. Is a true evil of this "end of the century evil spirit."


In the end, his passion for books (which was more than his passion for life itself!), On the other hand, made him a "artistic artist by art", while taking him "the end of the century evil spirits". Haunted.


However, if that is all, it is still good.


His passion for his books, on top of that, "hewn" him.


(The term "gaunting" is the word he used to criticize himself.


He refers to it as all major writers are gazes, a sense of sense of gaze.


I also use this word here in a sense. )


"Sometimes I believed that I would begin to undergo a spiritual revolution, and that I could see a giant like Toethi like Goethe with a straight eye.


There are various complexities that make me a place in that place, but the influence of Gian Christoph should be the ability to forget about now.


Now, when I think about it, for the first time I looked up at the heavens and for the first time I knew that there was a heavenly sun, and I knew that there were other stars.


(For example, take is known as the Great of Geete, but the characteristic of the houses of the Hokumann and the Hokutara Mandala can be dismissed as something that should be despised.)


However, without knowing the celestial sun, I can't help getting to know other star dragons.


It's the reason why I don't have to be without me at the time of correction.


At the same time, it is the reason why I can't sympathize with Torusty and Dostoevsky, who are like me at the time, and who do not care about others. "


(Books addressed to Shigebu Sasaki, July 31, 1931)


He couldn't help looking at the greatness of Goethe, Tolstoy and Dostoevsky with his eyes to see Pooh and Vodoreel in hell.


He is "negligent" because he sees, loves, and understands everything.


He was happy and happy while he was in harmony with his "haze".


But he gradually lost that harmony.


And as soon as he lost it, he realized that he wasn't young at all.


In his first tragedy, when the harmony between the sharp reason and the soft mind began to break in him, it was in his second tragedy that the harmony of "haze" started to break. It must be said that there is (Note 1).


However, I'm thinking again.


His tragedy resulting from this "haze" attracted him to his later years more strongly (which is almost mysterious for his personality) to the charm of Poo and Vaudreel, and there I wonder if "the flowers of evil" were made to bloom miraculously.


Note 1.


It is because of this that in later years he always suffered an infinite split in him.