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邪宗門:芥川 龍之介(706-733)/804


Then, there was no space in the pond in the garden surrounded by the corridor, and the flowers of Guren Hakuren were blooming all over, and in the meantime, Ryusune struck a flat sheet of Nishiki and wore a barbarian picture. The children's children were draining the water of the drawing, and they were moving slowly with a subtle sound of delight, and it was worshiped with tremendous respect.


Looking further at the front, after the dog guards at Mido shining brightly on the laden, the appearance of the main priest's Buddha and the solstice Kannon are seen in the sparkling golden smoke of the incense. The difficulty of revealing the face and the glazed gems was even greater.


In the garden in front of the Buddha, there was a lecturer / reader Koza under the treasure lid, which was so dazzling that I could see the dozen, but there were dozens of people at the ceremony. The priests of Houfu, the blue and red of the robes, and the red and red of the sword are so beautifully mixed that the voice of reading the sutra, the sound of the bell, or the incense of Subaru Submerged in the autumn sky, which is constantly clear. I'm going up and down.


Then, in the midst of the memorial service, people who flocked outside the gates on all sides and worshiping the inner Yoko at first glance at the sight of what happened to them. It began to be pushed and pushed like a sea of wind.




――The chief commander, who saw this turmoil, immediately jumped over there and tried to calm down the people who had broken into the gate, waving his bow at high altitude.


However, I think that one of the strange people of Samon appeared, splitting the people's waves, and the chief commander immediately bowed and instead of blocking the traffic, he fell down there. On the other hand, don't you thank you as if you were praying for the Emperor's departure?


Being distracted by the turmoil of the outside, the inside of the gate that suddenly buzzed quietly quietly, and again, a whisper "Mino Shinoho, Marino Shinoho" was exactly the same. It was at this time that it happened out of nowhere, like the passing wind.


As usual, Shinobu Mori shrouded the golden hair of the amulet of the ten letters around his chest while disturbing his long hair over the shoulders of Sumizome's robe, and even with his feet, he looked like cold feet. I went.


After that, the usual Bodhisattva maiden was dramatized in the light of the autumn day.


"Let's say to everyone.


This is to say that I am a Shinobu Mori who, in honor of the Emperor Tenjo's shrine, teaches Mari about my day's books. "


After answering the commanding commander's worship, that Shamon walked into the sand-covered garden without fear, and said in a strict voice.


When I heard that, the inside of the gate was buzzing again, but as expected, only the uninspected people were surprised by the unexpected camellia, but I did not forget the role.


A few people who seemed to be the chief of fire, holding their hands in their hands, screaming at the wolf, rushing to that gate, they jumped into Yaba from all directions and tried to take it back.


However, Shinnobu Mori hatefully hates the fire captains,




Take it away.


However, the punishment of Emperor Tenjo will come to your feet. "


When I laughed out, the ten-character amulet that was on my chest at that time received the sun and shined brightly at the same time As I thought, I fell down to the foot of that Shamon.


"How people.


The prestige of Emperor Tenjo is just now seen. "


Nobuki Mari removes the amulet from his chest and looks proudly, instead of the corridors in the east and west,


"It's no wonder that a spiritual test is more like the original.


In the first place, the Emperor Tenjo is the only great god who created this heaven and earth.


Only by knowing this great god, the people seemed to be able to pay tribute to the kind of demon who claimed to be Amida Nyorai with all his devotion. "


Let's use this rant as well.


The monks, who had stopped the Sutra for a while and were staring at the consequences, screamed at the scene and slammed "kill" or "reject", but now no one would take a seat. There is nothing to beat and try to discipline Shinnobu Mori.