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邪宗門:芥川 龍之介(734-766)/804




Then Nobino Mori shouted at the monks, looking at the priestly,


"The saints of Tang Dynasty were also told that it would be terrible to know that they had passed.


Once he was known to be the demon of the Buddha Bodhisattva, he was not young to devote himself to the teaching of Emperor Tenjo and to devote himself to the teachings of Mamari.


If there is any doubt about the law of Shinno Mori, and if it is decided that the Buddha-Bodhisattva is a demon or the Emperor Tenjo is an evil god, then by comparing the legal powers, whichever is the legal one so. "


Said the voice, too.


However, anyway, I still see the unscrupulous stumbled upon my eyes and fell faintly, so I screamed as if I struck water both inside and outside the court. No one of the priests is willing to try the law of Shamon.


After all, it is obvious that the head of the mountain and the priest of Ninnaji, who had been visible that day, did not mention the monastery of Nagao. Let's


For a while, the memorial garden quietly calmed down as long as I could hear the sound of Ryushu's music and even hear the sound of the sun shining on the lotus flower.


Shamon has gained even more power.


Wandering at the amulet of the ten-character example, and ridicule like a tengu,


"This is 10 million laughs again.


I saw a lot of Holy monks such as Hokurei in the south capital, but I can not compare the law power with this Shinnobu Mori as one person, so now I am the head of the Emperor Emperor, In fear of Kamitsumitsu, it seems that Gogo devoted himself to and served at the Mari no Honmon, without dislike of old and young.


Farewell, at this place, let's have each of the mountain heads perform a ceremony of irrigation. "


I sweared with dignity.


There is a precious priest who quietly descended into the garden from the west corridor, even though his voice was not over.


There is no doubt that you can claim that the heavens are Yokogawa's priests, the celestial mercy of heaven below, even at first glance.


The monastery was old, but when I slowly carried my fat body and fat body, I stopped quietly in front of the eye of Mino Shinobu,




However, as that person still claims, there is no doubt that there are many dragon elephants in the legal world in this Mido memorial garden.


However, I'd be competing in the law to hate the property, and I'd be competing with someone like him for the legal power.


Then, that person should be ashamed of himself first, and be able to compare the Shinto genres while arguing that they will dissipate Takarazen.


I think that somewhere, he knows that he is a priest of Sado, who has practiced the law of Kongo-Jen.


By the way, one was to show the sacred ritual of the three treasures, and the other was to attract the evil spirits of that one and save the sentient beings without falling into endless hell. It broke out.


However, even if that person's illusion often drives the demon, he cannot even touch a finger on an old man with the protection of the law.


If you look at the strangeness of Buddha's power, that person should be warned. "


, He bathed in the large lion's pit and immediately signed the seal.




Then, from the hands that tied the sign, I think that a white air of a path stood up in the sky, and it gently flung into the hollow. Just holding the treasure lid right above the head of the monastery. A group of such mist fluttered.


No, I said mist, but the mysterious cloudy pattern is still enough.


If it were to be mist, the roof of the Mido over there would have been hazy and invisible, but this cloud was just thinking that something invisible was sneaking into the void. Even the color of the clear sky was clearly seen through.


The people around the garden were all surprised by this cloudiness.


From nowhere, a breeze like a breeze just started moving the blinds, but before the end of the voice, Yokogawa's priest who reattached the mark gradually moved the flesh of the chin, When I gave up the secret spell, instantly, in the cloud, a stunning two-pronged Kinkoujin appeared bravely in the shadow of a Kongoki.