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芭蕉雑記:芥川 龍之介(57-108)/442

     四 詩人

Four poets


"Haiku is also a troublesome thing for the grass of a lifetime," says Basho's reluctant words.


In addition, it seems that the protestant who neglected haiku sometimes leaked to the gatekeeper.


This is a matter of course for Basho, a retired person who believed in life as a dream.


However, it is safe to say that there are rarely anyone who became as serious as Basho in the "Lifelong Grass".


No, looking at Basho's care, it seems that Pooz is the one who called "lifelong road grass".


"Tomoyoshiun, Onii|Son, there is always something to learn.


I didn't put my hair between the writer and myself when I faced the seat.


It's quick to say it, and it's all right to come to love.


If you drop the literary table, there are some words that will be shown in a violent manner.


At one point, I would beat Oki.


Knowing how to dig into Tsubamoto, it's all about watermelon.


Riko has various mouths, such as a mouthful, and all thirty-six poems. "


 Most of Basho's words are taught by swordplay.


It's not a word like a retired person who played haiku as a game.


Furthermore, if you look at Basho's attitude toward the phrases, you can feel the passion.


"Kuro Rokuun, Ichiseshi What happened in Edo sometimes led to an old man.


Yoh comes to my house after staying for 45 days.


It was snowing that day and I was hit by a dusk.


In the haiku,

人声の沖にて何を呼やらん  桃鄰

What do you call off the voice of the human voice

 鼠は舟をきしる暁  翁

The mouse is the dawn of the boat


 After that, when I went to Bashoan to come out and say this phrase, I said, I am thankful for the letter of Akatsuki.


If you say that you shouldn't move, like Oyama, the teacher got up and said, The samurai couldn't stop listening to this Akatsuki's letter, and the old man was completely satisfied.


The beginning of this phrase


Suma's Rat Boat Kishiruoto


When I was thinking about it, there was a voice in the previous phrase, and there was no sound, so I made something, and even though I was careful about Suma's rat, I said that I should not continue one phrase.


Fortunately, it is far better than the mouse of Koresuma.


(Omitted) If I say that there is nothing to say to Akatsuki, that there is nothing to say, I am glad to be a teacher, no one listens to me so much, and if Yui is out of his mouth Only when there was no discrimination between right and wrong, and when I was drunk in the mud of a tuna, and when I said this phrase that night, I would say that the troupe was guilty of lateness And proudly proclaimed. "


Excitement for acquaintances, contempt for genre, passion for arts---the poet Basho has all the aspects to reveal this anecdote.


In particular, the people who said that the atmosphere should be burned, "Medical belly with this phrase," --- the retired people have no problem at all.


To the pious critics of today, we are happy if we are not overwhelmed.


"Okin|Tell me the ordinary, excellence in the first generation|35 people are authors, those who reach ten phrases are masters."


Haikai is also not a negligent business when it comes to saying that you can only get ten phrases after you have made a life of being a master.


And according to Basho's theory, it is "a grass of the road of life"!


"11 days.


It will rain again in the morning.


Undoubtedly, the corner of Tobu comes.


(Omitted) Immediately, I went to the hospital bed and looked at the skin-collared, paralyzed body, and felt terrified.


By the time the teacher also looked at him, he was just crying.



鬮とりて菜飯たたかす夜伽かな  木節

Kana-bushi, a fairy tale that eats sardines and cooks savory rice

皆子なり蓑虫寒く鳴きつくす  乙州


うづくまる薬のもとの寒さかな  丈艸

It's the coldness of the Utsumaru medicine.

吹井より鶴をまねかん初|時雨  其角

First time imitating a crane from Fukii|Shigure


One by one | If you're humorous, Sensei | If you want the phrase again, you'll be struck by the length, and whenever you ask, it will be rusty, interesting, and fun. I praise him with a loud voice. "


This is an event that happened the day before Basho's remark.


Basho's heart for haiku seems to have been stronger than death.


If we were to tell the story to the author of the song that found all attachments guilty, Basho would certainly have been given the role of Jite after the pilgrimage monk complained of hell.


It is a contradiction to say that a passionate person sees a passion for scholarship.


However, even if this is a contradiction, is it not a story of Basho's genius?

 ゲエテは詩作をしてゐる時には Daemon に憑かれてゐると云つた。

Geete said that when he was writing a poem, he was possessed by Daemon.