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木曽義仲論:芥川 龍之介(109-140)/803


Religious red fever, which makes them so-called haze in the blue sky and does not care about causing waves on the flat ground, has dangerous complaints and fearful troops, and burns their hands when touched. If there is a turbulent moment in the world, they will stand up like a gale and oppose Mr. Taira only after waiting for the wisdom.


In this way, the opposition of the Lord's minister and the conspiracy of the institute's close vassals made him a stubborn and heroic immigration minister, and finally came out to the plight of the transfer of capital to Fukuhara, and slightly escaped the domineering. Consistent with the fierce complaints of the monk soldiers.


What's more, Mr. Taira not only invited their rebellion alone, but now the success of the policy of the immigration minister is that he is good at full-blown, he is good at full-blown, he is unprecedented glory, and he The unprecedented glory is that he, who is astonished by the fact that he is "inviting the day to enter," becomes a madman.


The world has no ability to feel a great deal of resentment and anxiety toward Mr. Yuhei.


Like he was sympathizing with Orika Yanagi's feast, he was able to break the Kampaku Motofusa's car from the personal grudge of the Taira clan, and he was a child of 300 red hakama. It seems that Mr. Taira has lost his sympathy for the world, as if he had asked the theory of flying words.


The Taira clan's government is tilting like the tower of Pisa every moment.


However, the fact that Mr. Taira has come to overthrow the grace is due to the fact that Minister Komatsuuchi has a lot of political skills to escape from the circle.


I must dare to be a great politician with him.


Sahare, he takes the tactics that Kasuga should be familiar with, in the guise of Kiyomori, the terrifying father of Kasuga.


No matter how instinctively he may reach the minister of entry, no matter how far he is inferior to Shinsai's entry in his systematic brain, no matter how lonely he is. No matter how instinctively, unsatisfactory, unsatisfactory, and suffocating, I have at least the worries of itching in my shoes. You must be able to admit that you are qualified as a minister.


He used himself to reconcile the jealousy of Kyoji and the clash with the imperial nation like a fiery fire, but still strengthened the political life of his family, and the upper court and the institute. He touches the ambitious Jealousy and wants him to work in harmony and unity.


For this reason, he preached that he should not leave it to the success or failure of the private gate of a country's chief vassal, and condemned the death of his parents.


For this reason, he screamed the cause of the prince and warned the outrage of the Pope's ghost.


Until he died, he wouldn't leave Mr. Mihei Tenka.


Like the immigration minister, Shizuka dared to rebel and unrighteously if he moved, but he led Grace Ichimon and endured Shikai's wishes.


If he didn't die, the downfall of the West Sea would be delayed for many years, and he shouldn't know.


Regrettably, he became a man in the Shiratamaro as a ghost on August 3, 3rd year of Jisho.


He passed away once, and the immigration minister was like a tiger that was released.


In proportion to the recruitment on the day of madness, the world turned away from Mr. Taira, moved one wave ahead, and then happened after all, and finally fell into an unsalvageable horror.


In addition, Kyoji has a disaster of congratulations.


* Winds, earthquakes, and epidemics occur one after another, and it is assumed that the people are not at ease, and that the land is withered, and that there is empty red soil outside the clothes, and that it is exhausted to General Aonae.


"For the Heike, Komatsu's minister is the one who can win the plot with all his heart and soul, but he is finally vacant.


What's wrong with you now?


Standing once on the side of the hippopotamus, the world is like the wind. "


At this time, the heroic priest Mongaku was used to preach the swordsman of Hirugakojima.


The number of lives of the Taira government is already close to the eyebrows.


A close call in crisis.


When many people in the world are facing the momentum of the revolution like this, the Genji of each country is under what condition.


Hopefully you can talk to me.


In the meantime, Genji, who fights for deer in Zhongyuan alongside Taira over the three roads of Higashiyama, Tokai, and Hokuriku, has been stigmatized as a rebel since the Heiji rebellion, and vacantly fell into the eastern country. Or.


However, the Yawata Kimiyoshi set up a horse in Sakuhoku's Kushino, and ran for a long time, looking up at Ranko, and killing the bandits.


The torrent of the revolution Once moved, there are some who want to fly the three-pointed Jangjeon towards the Taira clan government, and some more with Genji.