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木曽義仲論:芥川 龍之介(141-181)/803


Mr. Kohei The government itself is not always on the alert.


However, Genji is not ashamed to be a true rival of Taira.


He is an enemy of the Taira clan.


Since the Yoriyoshi family quelled the turmoil of the previous nine and the third, the eastern country has become a semi-independent political paradise, and the lord of the Buke no Tōryō has become a causal honorific title.


Moreover, Mr. Taira should dare to give the destructive policy that he is good at to the eastern country, knowing that his own base is in the western country.


(Probably the smartest and most timely policy) Yamakawa, a brilliant eastern country rich in heroes and heroes, is still in the hands of Genji.


In short, Genji before Hogen Heiji and Genji after Hogen Heiji have almost any kind of garden in the power that can be in the eastern country.


However, their power is still insufficient to move Nakahara.


Yamano in more than 10 countries east of Suruga is a party of Mr. Ashikaga Koyama, who is known as the twin tiger of Noshu, Mr. Echigo's castle, which is revered as the palace of Shirakawa, and Mr. Kaigen, who is known for his fears and swords. In addition, even though there are many powerful tribes in it, such as Mr. Chiba, who can scream in Shimousa, there are only a few people who call him Kazusa, so-called Shuto, Shusai, Inami, Ikita, and the government office. Mr. Sosuke Kazusa, the overlord of Kazusa, who confronts Kenji in the south and the north of the government office, and Mr. Hidehira Fujiwara, the master of 170,000 horses, Souryu in the north, and Hidehira Fujiwara There is only.


Therefore, even with the power of these two masters, it must be impossible to flutter the flag of the West without grace and regret.


After all, they have a small force of individual grace, and they have mutual elegance.


Shield, they are supersaturated solution ya.


Once it vibrates, the liquid suddenly precipitates a solid.


Once they move with the momentum of a revolution, they have no choice but to lay down their swords and raise them.


I'm afraid they can't be afraid.


However, they have a relatively obedient attitude toward Mr. Mihira.


It's a shame to make a delusional life between the dogs with them.


They are mild to Taira only because Yuihei is mild to them.


As I argued, Mr. Taira's base is in Saigoku.


If Mr. Taira wants to face the world with a sign, the management of the West is one of the most important means.


Only then, the eyes of the Immigration Minister should be able to see the urgent need to consolidate the power of Shikoku and Kyushu to Fukuhara by capturing the sea rights of the Seto Inland Sea.


The twenty-one countries in the southwest have the Taira clan's guardianship.


Already made Taira and devoted himself to the management of the West.


It's not enough to be suspicious, as if he were trying to maintain the status quo in the eastern country.


Thus, the samurai of the eastern country who love freedom enjoy this generous policy.


Even if you don't enjoy it, you'll be happy.


Even if I have to be happy, I will accept it.


It's been over 20 years since they were really comfortable with this preferential treatment.


However, Mr. Taira is now completely intoxicated with its success.


Thus, Taira's intoxication makes him feel a little uncomfortable as a samurai in the eastern country, as if he were a grudge in the world.


In the meantime, the horses are lined up side by side with them, and the silver helmet scarlet armor and the royal castle can be protected. See, they get flat in their hearts.


In short, they feel that they will gradually lose the precious significance of their Marriage of State.


They can scream, "The name is regrettable for the bow and arrow," and they have to be scorned by this contempt.


Many of the powerful tribes who come and go to Kyoji by the big turn in addition, inspire the dangerous air of Mr. Antihira, which overflows to Kyoji, in their hearts during silence.


Thus, as Mr. Taira dared to rampage the Pope's ghost, their discomfort, which had been accumulated for a long time, became a rage in the morning.


Moreover, the wind clouds in the world are suddenly rushing day by day, and the revolutionary momentum springs up like a dark tide.


At that point, their ambitions are gradually moving.


My ambition is to be a person in any case and not to do business beyond that ability.


Ambitious is the one who crosses the North Sea with Mt. Tai.


It is Ambitious who scrutinizes and fills in the sword.


Seeing that the so-called celestial masters, courageous and eloquent, are transformed into a large number of generals, it is a great pleasure to be able to generate unrelenting ambitions.