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木曽義仲論:芥川 龍之介(221-267)/803


Thus, he has already heard the voice of the dawn bell breaking the sleep of Hiramon.


He pondered, "Heike is too prosperous, has been a long time ago, and hopes for the end of his destiny."


He pondered, "The upper part responds to the will of the heavens, and the lower part gains the advantage of the earth, raises the righteous army and defeats the rebels, and comforts the Pope's decency."


He pondered, "If you use the seedlings of the Six Sons and the Ieshiro of the Genji, you will be afraid of anything under the heavens."


Narutake in the chest has already been decided.


He hides under his sleeve and seeks a prestigious chanting cause to the world.


Thus, his support is indeed Prince Mochihito Takakuramiya, who is the second prince of Emperor Go-Shirakawa, who is surpassed by the wise man, and who does not receive the proclamation of the unparent.




Even at this point, his eyes are not too lazy to see the matter.


He soon saw that the departure of the Emperor Akihito in the Heiji rebellion often controlled the fate of Mr. Genpei.


He commands the morning house to the world, and sees the reason why his ability to disobey the world is disappointing.


Thus, he is enough to inspire the epic of the revolution when he is in the hands of the Taira clan, both in the hands of the Taira clan, and when he is deeply in the clouds and unable to look up at the sun and moon. , Yui, seeing only the decree of Takezono.


However, I saw only the decree of Takezono, who has the most sympathy for the world.


The reason why he supported Prince Mochihito really lies in his job.


In this way, his plot is closer to the actual activity than step by step.


Then, in May of the 4th year of the Jisho era, the flag of the revolution was finally swallowed by the hands of him with a sword and a long-sleeved palace.


I can't help but see the blue sky as the clouds break.


However, he couldn't get it as a matter of mentioning it in the southern capital, and he needed the Uji Bridge to fight the Uji River.


A day of swashbuckler intersection.


The flat army has already thrown a whip into the Uji River, cut off the flow, and approached the source army.


The flag of the Revolutionary Army was frequently disturbed, and the number of people who defeated the source army was unknown.


It is like a bamboo fence that surrounds Byodo-in Temple with the red flag, disturbing the Watanabe Party's calculation, which is known to the world with a sword.


The bow has already broken, and the third rank of the source, who has already exhausted the English-style Issei, has finally died with his family by suicide.


Thus, the Revolutionary Army's pioneer was vacant and shameful of defeat.


Anyway, this is a temporary defeat and an eternal victory.


The revolution of the Juei Genryaku was lit by him.


He reports the revolution ahead of the revolution, as if he reports the dawn before the dawn of the Ara chicken, as if he reports the autumn before the fall of the cicadas.


Instead, I moved the revolutionary wind clouds prior to the revolution.


He is Lutheran, and Johannes Futsya.


Xiang Yu Tara Zarumo Chen Sheng Wu Hiroya.


The seeds he sows are small, but the giant tree of Santen comes from here.


He encouraged Genji in the world at the expense of himself.


He became a living example and raised the Genji of the world.


However, he taught his children to do something like him, and he did it.


At this time, Etsuo should also grace.


It's a cloud-like source of the world that makes the situation and the legend of Ujigami the same, and it stops abruptly.


"Show the spring of the grass in the snow in the mountains to those who stare at the flowers."


The green of the grass that sprout during the remaining snow has already reported that spring is coming.


Yoshinaka Kashiwagi stands in Omi, Minamoto Betto stands in Kii, Genbeisa stands in Izu, and Minamoto Kiso stands in Shinano.


Now, the time when the dream of glory of Heike's ten years should awaken is gradually coming.

     二 革命軍

Two revolutionary forces


The Revolutionary Army, which was given a stimulus by Yorimasa and was given a resignation of raising troops by the order of Prince Mochihito, was sent to the Taira clan government every moment, as if running toward the direction of Asahi of Momagawa. It was approaching, and the trend of this impatient eye finally evoked the relocation of Fukuhara in the Taira government.


Let's talk about the transfer of capital to Fukuhara.


What if this is the case, if the minister of immigration reveals his strengths and weaknesses as a politician most regretfully.


He has an intuitional eye to see the spring in the world when it blooms.


And again, his strength as a politician lies in the fact that he sees this great place.


In his political ground with the West Sea, I made his family a nation, in the inspiration of foreign trade, in the opening of Ondo-no-seto. At the construction of the port of Keigashima, he sees the distant view of his wisdom, and even with the wisdom of Genbeisa, he must finally step on his footsteps as the founder of Bukemon politics. Zu.