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木曽義仲論:芥川 龍之介(268-305)/803


(In many respects, he also said that Yoritomo's 100-inch pole head should not be further extended.) Behold, he pays attention to the sea rights of the Seto Inland Sea, and it is a good idea to make Fukuhara, his throat, the center of the administration. Know that.


He took care of the terrifying forces of the northern ridge of the southern capital, and once he called them appropriately, Kyoto would have to fall into its siege.


Thus, he knew that the plan in his heart could not be stopped due to the turbulence of the third rank of the source, and at the same time, he directly sent him to the decision of Fukuhara-kyo.


On June 3rd, 4th year of the Jisho era, just a few days after the battle of Ujibashi, he dared to do this all at once. It doesn't represent anything.


In this way, the transfer of capital of Fukuhara was carried out by his radicalism.


But he was too steep and too strong in doing this grand total.


In short, the transfer of capital to Fukuhara was torn by his strengths and his weaknesses.


He is Wang Anshi, who is more illiterate and more liberal.


He always runs from one extreme to the other.


He believes that he should make a plan today and see its effect tomorrow.


In detail, he knows that there is a lot of friction between theory and fact to make a lot of business and to make a calculation.


And again, he has the relentlessness to dare to make a straight rush in order to do what he believes.


In his eyes, there is no difficulty in the circumstances, whether or not the situation is right, there is no lightness in public opinion, and there is only an inevitable purpose that he cannot respond to, and a path that he should do.


Wang Anshi said, "If you are a vassal of a person, you must avoid the grudges of Shikai Kyushu."


When he answered, he said to the general, "If you want to measure the glory of the family, you must avoid the grudges of the world."


But his reaping is only halfway through what he sows.


He chose too many means to fulfill his purpose.


Too much public opinion is taken into consideration, and too much is too straightforward.


He whips on exhausted horses and tries to cross a hundred-shaku cliff.


Therefore, I believe that it should be overcome.


On the contrary, I have no choice but to kill a tired horse.


As soon as he dared to relocate to the capital, he looked back on the history of 400 years since Kanmu.


He listened to the threnody of "Otagi no Sato no Thatya Hatenamu".


Fuma beef in the opinion of the Issei, and wants to carry out the outline of the transfer of capital in this way.


After all, the old and young of the new city screamed and demanded that they return to the old city.


Therefore, his unmovable self-confidence has come to an end, and he has no ability to lean.


For the first time, he saw that he had to spend a lot of money to run the new city of Fukuhara according to the scale of the old city.


Therefore, if you want to gain this financial power, you will have to suffer even greater complaints than the complaints of the transfer of capital.


Moreover, if you turn your head and look for the eastern country, Hirugakojima's cunning child, Bei Sayori, will lead the 200,000 source army, already crossing the Ashigara ridge and swashbuckling the wilderness south of Gonfalon. , Suppose that he is close to the Nissho of Nagaki Nishigami.


In his heart, he has no ability to feel at ease, and he should only know.


The shameful defeat of Koremori Taira no Koremori (October 4th year of Jisho) was in the eastern country of Fengyun. * Suddenly, the momentum of the revolution was already ripe.


In the meantime, he made a retreat to Fukuhara, saw the reason why he was a grudge in the world, and made a step back from the eastern Genji, and got the opportunity of Togoku Choshun. After seeing Muru, he finally returned to the old city.


In this way, he vacantly fails in the decision of the transfer of capital.


Now, Mr. Taira's crisis is approaching between his eyes.


Koremori's conquering eastern army, vacantly rushing to cross the Miichiya, ran astonished by the water birds of the Fuji River, and then Oumigenji stood up in response to the premonition, and he came to Bettō Shogun, and burned the mansion. I don't know the number.


Suppose that the Taira clan government is scorned by the sword army of Mii-dera, the round-top bandits of the southern capital, then moving, like a cloud, and as a flag drum.


It's a place where you can sit down and sit down.


However, as he returned to the old city, he tried a big challenge by wielding his red hand, directly facing the world.